(All services are for individuals 18 and older)

Community Consultations

Typical wait in the community is 2-3 months to access psychiatric services. In order to address the needs of individuals more rapidly, we provide readily available evaluations. Typically, within a week we can have an individual seen for a psychiatric evaluation with recommendations and management strategies passed on to their community provider. An individual can be self-referred or referred by their community provider. These appointments can be used for the purposes of second opinions, transitional management, or initiating new treatments. Our goal is to work closely and serve our communities to meet their needs.

Outpatient Addiction Services

Our alcohol and drug services include comprehensive individual and group programming. We also offer buprenorphine and other medications to help individuals become free of the biologic dependence that develops from the use of alcohol, opiates, and other substances. We strongly believe in the need for therapeutic treatment in addition to biologic treatment. Initial programs require daily attendance Monday – Friday in the mornings for the first 3 – 4 weeks. Our follow up appointments continue for at least 2 years beyond the first date of sobriety. We assist individuals struggling with addiction to many substances including: heroin, alcohol, sedatives, stimulants, prescription medications, and other substances.

Medication Assisted Withdrawal

White Stone recognizes that many people face obstacles of cost and availability to receive traditional detox. If deemed appropriate during the initial assessment, White Stone offers medication with a schedule to reduce the dosage to help individuals successfully pass through early stages of recovery. As opposed to many outpatient treatment providers, most additional costs will be covered by insurance. We offer therapeutic tapers for heroin, other opiates, alcohol, benzos, stimulants, and many other substances. All services our outpatient based and do not require an overnight stay.

Reward and Reinforcement Strategies

White Stone utilizes a rarely offered form of treatment that has shown major success not only in sustained recovery but also in highly successful corporate business models. Contingency management is a system of rewards and reinforcements for continued sobriety and attendance to treatment. Awards or vouchers are therapeutically provided by program managers when patients achieve daily goals. Research suggest that treatment attendance and recovery are up to three times more successful for individuals utilizing this program.

Outpatient Mental Health Services

We offer psychotherapy and medication management to address a large range of disorders, including: PTSD, Depression, Bipolar, and Anxiety. Our treatment philosophy prioritizes the use psychotherapy with selective use of medication. We provide individual, family, and specific group therapies. It is important to us that our patient’s feel comfortable and understand suggested treatments.


The value of therapy cannot be overstated. White Stone offers individual, family, and group treatments that emphasize the ability for longer or more frequent appointments. Our philosophy is to provide more than quick fixes or strategies that give an allusion of control. We want to know your story and be a guide to offer services that lead to long lasting and meaningful changes.

Medication Management

Medication can be a powerful and effective tool to increase the healing and restoration of individuals. Dr. Carpenter’s expertise includes extensive training in psychopharmacologic management over diverse populations. We believe the vast majority of medication treatment does not require a long list of drugs, can occur at lower dosages, and may be able to be tapered over time. Our patient education includes ways of determining what symptoms may or may not be good targets for medication.

Services for Pregnant Women

We provide services and interventions sensitive to the needs of women who are pregnant or may become pregnant. In conjunction with a patient’s community OB care, our team, including a certified nurse midwife, will provide care and collaboration with a patient’s OB services.

Addiction Treatment for Pregnant Women

We want to honor and serve women who are recovering to become sober and fulfill their roles as mothers. We offer maintenance medication throughout pregnancy with a planned reduction after delivery. Our programming was created for long term care of our patients and to provide encouragement and growth during and after pregnancy.

Mental Health Treatment for Pregnant Women

In conjunction with a patients OB we provide an array of treatment services sensitive to the mental health needs of women who are or may become pregnant. Whether it is maintaining a medication, initiating new treatment, or discussing a change in medication prior to becoming pregnant, we are here to guide and support our patients throughout this process.